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Naiad's staff have specialist skills and experience in the design and installation of chemical dosing systems and have developed a unique dual function chemical dosing system - the Naiad Copperas Saturator and Liquid Dosing System - to treat sewage and water. The Naiad Copperas Saturator uses a cheap source of iron (ferrous sulphate crystal, known as copperas) which it safely accommodates in 28-tonne loads. By way of a unique re-circulation system, it generates a saturated liquor which it consistently dilutes and doses to works. Alternatively, liquid chemicals such as ferric sulphate/chloride or ferrous chloride can be stored in the unit and dosed in the normal way. In either operating mode, the unit requires minimum operator input and delivers a consistent gravimetric dose (kg/h), ensuring that treatment processes function efficiently and effectively. When used to dose chemical to sewage for phosphate removal, phosphate residuals in final effuent consistently meet targets, and odours are minimised. By allowing the use of a cheap and concentrated source of iron, the Naiad Copperas Saturator offers works' managers major operating savings and maximum intervals between chemical deliveries.

In addition, our specialists have studied the mechanisms by which inland waters deteriorate as nutrients build up, and this research has underpinned the development of our chemical dosing systems. Naiad offers a range of scientific, consultancy and on-site services, including fish, macroinvertebrate, phytoplankton, benthic diatom and vascular plant surveys. We have worked extensively for the Environment Agency, the Water Utilities and Environmental and Engineering Consultancies for whom we developed environmental impact assessments for the Channel Tunnel Rail Link and other major engineering schemes.

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